Private Investigator


Often lawyers and even law firms do not have the staff or the expertise to handle investigative work, so many attorneys delegate some of their legwork to qualified professional investigators. Private investigators are in the business of locating valuable, ethical, and appropriately obtained information in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This saves the attorney from wasting time on fact finding instead of focusing on matters of the law. Remember, finding someone skilled at “digging up dirt” at a reasonable price can make or break a case.

The right investigator can help an attorney develop facts, secure evidence and perform countless other tasks that make an attorney’s life easier. Private investigators today come from many areas of expertise these days, including the field of law, journalism, accounting, real estate and computer forensics.

Private Investigators aid attorneys in being more effective.
These days, Private Investigators have higher levels of education, expertise, and a grasp of Federal, State and Local laws which enables uncovered information to be not only useable, but in fact vital in court.

It is sometimes thought that an attorney does not need the services of a private investigator, through years of Law School and the experience gathered, an attorney has a number of skills and techniques with regards to research, however, they do have limits.

A private investigator can assist the attorney with efficient and creative ways to dominate their adversary.

Besides locating and interviewing witnesses, below are just a few tasks private investigators perform for attorneys on a daily basis which yield valuable information to their cases.

Locate Assets
Assets such as real estate, valuable property (artwork, antiques, collectibles, etc.), and vehicles (motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels, etc.), are just some of the assets a private investigator is skilled at locating, investigations can also help with the identifying of domestic and offshore bank accounts, this of course will need additional attention in terms of legal restrictions or requirements.

Collect and Review Electronic Evidence
Be it internal or external matters, investigators may efficiently access electronic files, even files that are thought to be deleted. Along with accessing or recovering the files, an investigator is able to analyse or uncover encrypted data

Perform Trial Preparation
Prior to a deposition or testimony, it is beneficial to run through preparations, cross referencing for and against a client, to create an idea of familiarity of what may come up during a trial, this can be a vital aspect as behaviour patterns may show weakness.
Likewise, a private detective can be beneficial with regards to reading or reporting of behaviour patterns or history of the opponent, which is a valuable tool in predicting the opponents’ next move

Intellectual Property Monitoring
A company and subsequent products can successfully be monitored globally, policing for things like improper distribution to illegitimate markets or even counterfeiting.

Reconstruct Family Trees
Historical reconstructions are vital in researching and piecing together a broken chain of documents or even family ties, in some cases this can be used for the identifying and locating of witnesses or perhaps next of kin or heirs.

Identify individuals in otherwise “faceless” corporations
In the ever growing virtual world, “faceless” corporations are becoming a bigger threat to civilians as well as the economy. The appointment of a private investigator is a great way to identify the individuals or groups of people involved.

Pattern placing
With the work done leading to a case, an investigator can piece together evidence or patterns to portray a clearer picture of the opponent, or in the case of a faceless company, the Investigator can find patterns or trends in order to identify undisclosed connections

Judgement Enforcing
In the event of a judgement, a private investigator can assist attorneys with enforcing the judgement, by identifying assets or possible movement of said assets in the attempt to hide or misrepresent them.

Private Investigators make great trial witnesses
Through the services of a Private investigator, he or she has the background knowledge of the case and possibly the individual or company or both sides, making the investigator an asset on the stand.