Maritime Protection Services

Capesecure as a partner of an “International Security Network” is a South African security enterprise under German Management specializing in the rendering of sophisticated and high standard of quality security services on an international scale.

As a result of the risk development in the area of the shipping economies and the international maritime traffic we dealt with in the 2009 year, amended our portfolio by the section “Maritime Security“. Since then we have been partners with one of the biggest German shipping companies. Our connectivity to international departments allows us to become active flexibly, quickly and reliably in the centres of the piracy.

We consult business managers, teach Captains and Navigation Officers and train crews in fields which serve the deterrence of pirates on the high seas. Our engagement is supplemented by the delegation of specialists whom at sea, audit ships on international route. Thereby preventative protection measures are installed and organized, the crew instructed and measures implemented which serve the protection against unauthorized actions, encroachments and trespassing at sea; at anchor; on the roads; as well as in harbours.

Capesecure moreover deploys armed action forces aboard in order to safeguard ships on international routes at the passage of “high-risk-regions“. The duration of the assignment of the specialists momentarily ranges between 12 and 34 days. The operational area at present concerns the Indian Ocean in North-South and East-West alignment.

Our trainers, auditors and armed task forces are subject-specifically and juridically educated and trained on high-quality standard. Operational tactics and assignment techniques are closely linked to the international regulations which arise from the International Maritime Law; the Law of Nations; the SUA Convention and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Benefit from our international maritime proficiencies. Get in touch with us and have confidence in us. We are your partner for your safety and security at sea. With great pleasure we will introduce our portfolio to you personally.