With increased piracy risk in the Oceans, not only are many vessel owners requesting that firearms be sent to SA and loaded onto vessels whilst berthing in South African harbours, in some cases it is a basic requirement of the vessels insurance policy that they carry arms in certain international waters. This requires a process in which Capesecure has been successfully handling for some time now.

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This process includes:
Firearm Import and Export Permit for SA

  • Motivations to relevant organisations
  • Compiling and submitting of necessary applications
  • Arranging strategic reports for various state organs

Transport and Clearance at Airport (JHB or CT)

  • SARS and customs at the Airport (excluding freight costs)
  • SAD 500
  • Armoured vehicle transport for up to 4 firearms and relevant ammunition, with approved transporters permit

Storage of firearms in SAPS approved facilities

  • For up to 3 days (in the event of a vessel delay)
  • Delivery and collection to and from storage facility

Deliver of Firearms to the Vessel

  • In armoured vehicle with relevant transporter permits
  • with harbor police
  • Delivery of documentation to relevant authorities
  • Responsible person on site to hand over to Captain of vessel
  • Firearms and safe inspection

In addition to the previously mentioned, Capesecure is also able to offer the following services:

  • Supply and delivery of approved Firearm safe to vessel (which is required on all vessels carrying firearms)
  • Access Denial, this is a security detail that is required by the SAPS when any vessel has firearms on board is berthing at a South African Port
  • K9 Dog search, this is a service many Vessel owners request to be certain that there are no stowaways or even explosives on board the vessel.

Capesecure is able to assist with the above solutions to mention just a few, do feel free to contact our offices with any enquiries you may have with the above services, or with any other specific security service you may have in mind.