We arrange these and other training contents to your personal needs. The conception is universal and allows the easy transfer of acquired skills to arbitrary weapon systems, operating resources and situations. That way, you save time and cost and the user can act effectively.

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CQB/ close combat

Many martial arts techniques aren’t applicable under stress or demand excessive training. We teach you highly effective concepts, that work!

Tactical knife

The knife is the most effective tool at distances of less than 3 meters. It offers excellent personal protection for soldiers, policemen and employees of security agencies during the seizure of firearms. At the same time, knifes can be used, where the use of firearms is impossible.

Assaults with blades and dangerous objects

The chances for a soldier or a police officer against an assailant with a knife are very bad, down to a distance of roughly 7 meters. We give attention to the subject of “blade assaults” and explain concepts to create a time frame, in which the own firearm can be drawn. This lecture has been very successful with institutions, military and security agencies from around the world.

Use of firearms in absolute close range

The most quarrels with firearms happen in distances between 0 and 5 meters in which conventional concepts tend to fail. We provide you with a coherent concept for all weapons against armed and unarmed assailants. This training is worldwide unique.

Team tactics

The smallest tactical unit, the two-man-team (Buddy Team) is highly effective in operation. It takes only little additional training to the individual instructions, to achieve major tactical advantages. Furthermore, these aren’t techniques, that should be restricted to special forces. The modular tactics can be adjusted to a team of arbitrary size. Thereby, the tactics need only little training a can still be used in any situations, that might arise. Our ballistic products are specially designed for these techniques.

Tactical telescopic baton

The telescopic baton has many advantages in operation. The BONOWI EKA in particular offers many options. In addition to the traditional blows and defences, can we provide you with instructions for combat in confined spatial conditions and teach you real life applicable techniques. Please watch our training video.


The second innovative product from BONOWI, in addition to the EKA. The design allows traditional techniques as well as “Speed-Cuff-Techniques”. We teach you the quick arresting out of movement, the use of cuffs as improvised weapons and others.

Tactical medicine

Units, operating in small groups, are exposed to an increased risk. Even small injuries can become a problem, since a quick evacuation may not be possible at any given time. We teach up to date tactical medicine to improve the likelihood of survival in operation and under fire. Our products complement our trainings.

Anti-terror basics for security forces

Terrorism is a threat to all nations. An attack may not be preventable with intelligence service’s methods.

An important part in the detection and prevention of acts of terrorism is played by the security forces, that roam the streets every day. With their knowledge of place and a sense for normality, police officers and soldiers can detect anomalies. But they often lack knowledge about the practice of terrorism groups and further anti-terror methods.

Our training teaches the typical practices of terrorists, an estimation for the value of possible targets and makes the identification of suspects easier and more precise.