CAPESECURE offers German protection equipment:

?????????????????????????????????????Protection class 1 + protective over-jacket including removable abdomen and collar protection. SK I protective over-jacket of German POLICE force pursuant to TR 03/08 protective vests and revision in Sept. 2009. The shell of the vest is equipped with a Molle band for the fitting of differing attachment pockets and holsters.

The ballistic collar is sewn onto the vest and can be folded
downwards at the front. The ballistic groin guard is connected
with the vest via a zipper and can also be attached in the chest
area of the vest if necessary. The body side of the vest casing
is made out of a spacer fabric to be able to guarantee the best
possible circulation of the body heat. This can be improved upon
even more by wearing the corresponding functional underwear.
The ergonomic design of this vest enables the maximum freedom
of movement with the greatest possible level of protection.

(complete vest):
• 7.62 x 54R (B32) 6 hits 845 m/s
• V50 STANAG 2920 1.1g, > 600 m/s
• 9 x 19 mm 436 m/s
• 7.62 x 25 mm (TT) 450 m/s
• Stab protection PSDB/P1 + PSDB/S1